How can a Bra be DANGEROUS?

Have you ever heard women talking about their back fat?  They raise up their arm and start poking at the puffy parts where their bra is.  Well ladies, I have good news.  Not all of that can be considered fat.  If you wear an underwire or tight bra you most likely have pooled fluid in and around your armpit area.
I love seeing the faces of women light up when I tell them that it’s a relatively easy fix.  But what I love more is when those women come back to me and tell me how amazed they are.  When you allow the lymphatic system to function then things automatically start correcting themselves.
Bras are uncomfortable for a reason.  They restrict the lymphatic vessels which can lead to a build up of fluid.  That fluid contains toxins.  I think of it as creating an incubator effect for toxins.  Also, oxygen and nutrients aren’t being delivered to the cells.  Could it be that the bra, restricting lymphatic flow, is the culprit in a lot of the breast issues we see today?
There was a study conducted by Sid and Soma Singer in May of 1991 involving 4000 women.  In a nutshell, 3 out of 4 of the women who wore their bra to sleep contracted breast cancer. The same went for 1 in 7 who wore their bras for more than 12 hours a day.  The study concluded that 1 in 168 of women who did not wear a bra contracted breast cancer.
With everything I’ve learned about the lymphatic system, I ditched my bra a long time ago.  I wear camisoles with extra lining.  There are companies that are making wire-free bras but still be careful because you don’t need them tight.  You can also take the wires out of your current bra until you find a comfy alternative. When you’ve seen as many women suffering from breast cancer as I have, you will do anything to prevent it from happening to you.
Here’s an added tip for improving flow.  Get rid of the antiperspirant!  That stuff clogs up everything!  I once heard Dr. Josh Axe say “Sweat is weakness leaving the body.”  What a statement.  I believe that if we take care of our bodies and allow them to function the way they were created to then we would see far less of the issues that we see today.
“Love Your Body and Your Body Will Love You Back!”

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