Don’t Let EDEMA Stop YOU!

The wonders of Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy!
A few weeks ago a wonderful lady was referred to me for LET. She is very
young and has been trying to cope with Lupus for many years now. However, the edema had become so debilitating that she was willing to try just about anything that might be able to help.
When I met her for the first time she could barely walk. The fluid was overtaking her body. When we got her settled in and lying comfortably for the session I remember hearing the fluid as she was breathing. It sounded like the fluid was trying to drown her. We did the first session and I recommended she come back for another the following week. That next week she walked in with a smile on her face and said she had lost 9 lbs. of fluid. Fabulous!   The second session was easier on her and she made another appointment for the following week. That next appointment is something I will NEVER forget!
As I was preparing for her to come in I looked out the window and saw this beautiful, energetic, happy lady walking up to the door. She honestly did not look like the same person. She began to tell me how she had now lost 22 lbs. of fluid and was feeling better than she had in a very long time. I was in shock and awe!I have had my own personal experiences with this therapy which is one reason I became so interested in doing it and I’ve seen it help so many people with a myriad of issues, but this was something all on its own.
The following is the article that I wrote for her website

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So often the health of the Lymphatic System is overlooked. Yet the Lymphatic System – the “other circulatory system”- is a vital and essential part of the immune system. I call it your “River of Life”. Now science is starting to back up the function and role that the lymph system plays within the body. A poorly functioning lymph system leads to complications such as edema, hormonal imbalance, and inflammation just to name a few. When the lymph system is flowing it will help rid the body of toxins and disease causing cells and bacteria.
Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is a gentle yet powerful treatment designed to activate the body’s parasympathetic state, self-healing, and encourage optimal lymphatic flow. With the use of the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion, a machine that utilizes vibrational energy, we are putting the lymphatic system at the center of health and wellness. The gentle vibrations encourage the detoxification of the interstitial tissue spaces. Basically, it lets the body know that everything is going to be ok and it is allowed to let go of the things it’s holding on to.
This therapy has been based on more than 20 years of research. Much of this research has been conducted by Thomas E. Croley, PhD, emeritus professor of physical therapy at Texas Women’s University. He conveys the ways in which electrostatic energy fields can increase the contraction within lymphatic vessels, resulting in greater fluid movement.
Clinical studies have proven that LET can assist in the relief for a wide range of conditions which are associated with lymphatic congestion. I personally, as a practitioner, have had clients experience positive results with issues such as chronic pain, fluid retention, depression, and weight loss.
Many people have testified to the amazing results after having Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy. There is no such thing as Panacea, a cure all, because each person is created unique. However, when we all work together we are able to find solutions that will be the most effective and the most beneficial.


How can a Bra be DANGEROUS?

Have you ever heard women talking about their back fat?  They raise up their arm and start poking at the puffy parts where their bra is.  Well ladies, I have good news.  Not all of that can be considered fat.  If you wear an underwire or tight bra you most likely have pooled fluid in and around your armpit area.
I love seeing the faces of women light up when I tell them that it’s a relatively easy fix.  But what I love more is when those women come back to me and tell me how amazed they are.  When you allow the lymphatic system to function then things automatically start correcting themselves.
Bras are uncomfortable for a reason.  They restrict the lymphatic vessels which can lead to a build up of fluid.  That fluid contains toxins.  I think of it as creating an incubator effect for toxins.  Also, oxygen and nutrients aren’t being delivered to the cells.  Could it be that the bra, restricting lymphatic flow, is the culprit in a lot of the breast issues we see today?
There was a study conducted by Sid and Soma Singer in May of 1991 involving 4000 women.  In a nutshell, 3 out of 4 of the women who wore their bra to sleep contracted breast cancer. The same went for 1 in 7 who wore their bras for more than 12 hours a day.  The study concluded that 1 in 168 of women who did not wear a bra contracted breast cancer.
With everything I’ve learned about the lymphatic system, I ditched my bra a long time ago.  I wear camisoles with extra lining.  There are companies that are making wire-free bras but still be careful because you don’t need them tight.  You can also take the wires out of your current bra until you find a comfy alternative. When you’ve seen as many women suffering from breast cancer as I have, you will do anything to prevent it from happening to you.
Here’s an added tip for improving flow.  Get rid of the antiperspirant!  That stuff clogs up everything!  I once heard Dr. Josh Axe say “Sweat is weakness leaving the body.”  What a statement.  I believe that if we take care of our bodies and allow them to function the way they were created to then we would see far less of the issues that we see today.
“Love Your Body and Your Body Will Love You Back!”