My Story

Why Lymphatics?

Ever since college, I can remember being attracted to health conscious ideas, exercises, programs, etc. I had always considered myself somewhat healthy simply because I was thinner than most of the people I was associated with.  Oh, by the way, thin does not mean healthy. One day I met the love of my life and we started our journey together. I was always trying new recipes or juices on him and some were really good but others were unforgettably horrible. Just recently I was reminded by a life long friend of mine, Nikki, about a day where I came into the office and was completely messed up – in a good way. I had been in the drive through of one the most popular fast food places in town and my daddy God spoke to me. I knew then that the “food” I had been consuming was NOT what my body needed. If you’ve ever read parts of the Bible then you might be familiar with the verse that talks about your body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Would the Holy Spirit want to dwell inside me if it’s a junked up mess!?! That’s when I asked Nikki if I could borrow Jordan Reuben’s book, The Maker’s Diet. That’s when my journey began.
A little back story. My husband, when he was just a child, was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Achalasia. His esophagus would close so tight that even water wouldn’t go down. Days away from dying, doctors performed a surgery called a heller myotomy. At the end of the day the doctors said it was unsuccessful and explained to his parents that they should prepare funeral arrangements. One month, two months, six months later the doctors couldn’t explain but they said he was healed and didn’t need to return for any further treatments.  Praise God! What a miracle!
Fast forward a few years. We meet, get married, start having kids and moved to Costa Rica for language school then off to Barranquilla, Colombia where we lived for almost a year. After that we moved to Illinois and that’s where the proverbial #@&! hit the fan.
Not sure exactly what happened but this is the best I can come up with.  The area we lived in was known to be one of the highest rated areas in the country for cancer. Why? Hello??? Toxins!!! You should see the stuff they spray all over those thousands of acres of corn and soy fields!  Since we had lived in South America, I believe my husband had picked up a parasite, or few. And with all the toxic overload his body was not able to handle the onslaught that those parasites were giving resulting in numerous hospital visits. He was having extreme pain in the esophagus area and everything he was eating/drinking was coming up.  So very little food was getting in to his body.
From Jacksonville to Chicago we saw every specialist there was. Guess what the consensus finally came to? The very best of the best in Chicago consulted with the very best of the best around the country and decided the only option was to take out the esophagus. They said the Achalasia had come back but in a different form. What? Ok, wait just one minute! How can a man who is just 36 years old with 3 kids function and live a full life without an esophagus? So…we decided to seek other alternatives.
Through a dream and other things I won’t discuss here, we decided to move to Dallas, TX where holistic options are more accepted. On the move down we stopped at a hotel for the night and I had a dream that I was being givin a gift. I didn’t understand it at the time. I thought it had something to do with the musical training/ability that I had.  Boy was I wrong. Never put limits on God.
During the several different holistic therapies my husband was undergoing, I ran across one that dealt with the Lymphatic System. I was intrigued. The practitioner of the office wanted to hire me and send me to be trained and certified in Lymphatic Therapy.  During the first level of training we were able to practice on each other.  For years I had struggled with fibrocystic disease. I had very large lumps in my breast and one was even about half the size of a golf ball.  Very noticeable and very painful at times. After one session of practicing on each other, I woke up the next morning and noticed that all the cysts were completely GONE!  And to this day they have never come back.
Needless to say, I started studying everything I could regarding the Lymphatic System. I had found my Passion!  If you’ve ever met me you know that I’m the type of person that goes all in. I believe in giving it my best and doing everything with a spirit of Excellence.
Since then, I have been able to help others in their struggles. From stress, weight loss, edema and lots of other stuff in between, this therapy never ceases to amaze me.
I have been given a gift and that gift is to help others live in the glorious health that our daddy God has declared for us.

” Love your body and your body will love you back.”
   -Michele Nelson