“There are some things in life that I can live without.  This is NOT one of them!”
–Carrie, TX

“My Testimony began back in November of 2013 when I received an epidural injection intended to provide relief for pinched nerves and disk degeneration.  In place of relief I received a 6”x 3” hematoma on my spinal cord and due to the onset of paralysis I immediately received an emergency cervical laminectomy involving Cervical 1 through Cervical T.  I spent the next 15 months in recovery; as a result of the pain I developed fibromyalgia and the premature onset of osteoarthritis. This unplanned emergency procedure resulted in constant pain, which I have been told will always be present.
I am not a fan of prescription drugs and unnecessary procedures which both in my opinion, may help in one area but cause additional problems in other areas.  So over time I have spent my time and efforts seeking alternative methods of pain relief, needless to say I choose the all-natural route whenever possible.
I developed a regiment of daily supplements and changed my eating habits to a strict Paleo diet, but unfortunately, I had to keep taking Neurotin, a nerve pain pill, along with the supplements in order to keep my pain manageable.  I had tried many other avenues of relief, without prevail when I was introduced to Michelle and her Lymphatic Therapy. I thought to myself, it can’t hurt; why not give it a try….
This therapy is simply amazing, after just 2 treatments I have reduced my blood pressure along with my pain medication in half, My overall health seems to be better, my pain is minimal and I have finally experienced much relief.  I have received 4 treatments at this point and plan to continue in order to receive optimal results.
Michele is amazing, her passion for this Lymphatic therapy show in everything she does, she not only performs the therapy she teaches her clients every step of the way.  I value the experience I have had receiving this therapy and the wealth of knowledge Michele shares with me during each session.
I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who desires a more healthy body.”
-Kim, Midlothian Texas

“My name is Kelly and I am a three time breast cancer survivor. I have been battling cancer since the fall of 2000, again in 2007 and again most recently in 2013. I had a double mastectomy in March of 2013. By August of 2013 I was in constant pain from my surgeries with no hope of relief in sight. That is when I met Michele Nelson. She was performing a service called Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy.  After 2-3 sessions my pain level was going down. I remember one particular day when I had had a very stressful day. I was on the table an in tears for the day had left me in severe pain. Michele got right to work on me. I was so impressed with her because she genuinely cared for my well-being. It’s not just a job to Michele. I believe she has a calling from God to use her skills to care for those of us left without hope. I saw Michele every week for eight months. I am proud to say that thru her services, her compassion, and her encouragement to try essential oils in my pain management that I am now able to get through each day without having to live in excruciating pain. There are many benefits from “Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy” other than the obvious.
I would highly recommend Michele as your caregiver. A true woman of God whose purpose is to serve.”
–Kelly, TX

“I was interested to find ways to move fluid through the breast tissue, thinking it could help in preventing cancer. If you move the fluid out, you also move the hormones out. We have also seen good outcomes in women with painful fibrocystic breasts. They feel so much better after treatment, and the breasts are softer, smaller, less cystic.”
– Nita Desai MD, East West Integrative Medicine, Louisville, CO